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All the computations are performed on the high-performance computer that is available at University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering. There is an Intel Xeon X5670 (1536 hyper-cores) HPC cluster and an E5-2680 V3 (1008 hyper-cores) DP cluster, with IB QDR interconnection, 164 TB of LUSTRE storage, 4.6 TB RAM and with 24 TFlop/s performance.
Name Function Solution Type Contributor Nodes Density Solution #Cores Execution Time (s)
Stable set experiment 2 (Inst. of Test stable set 21 2 2019) Stable set Optimal jpovh 60 0.212 15 96 0.95
Stable set experiment 5 (Graph_100_05_a)

Random graph on 100 nodes with density 0.05

Stable set Optimal jpovh 100 0.0489 43 96 1.87
Test (Local Big) Stable set Optimal Borut 200 0.395 13 96 1220