Meeting in Klagenfurt

16. 3. 2020, Nicolo G.

On March 11 Timotej Hrga visited the University of Klagenfurt to discuss some implementation details of the algorithm.

In the morning Franz Rendl explained the new bounding routine, which includes an heuristic algorithm to spearate 5-clique inequalities.
In the afternoon, the members discussed some details and fixed some parameters of the algorithm.

Photo: Nicolo

Project Team Meeting

25. 2. 2020, Borut

On February 25 the members of the project team met in Ljubljana to discuss open issues and future work.

During the meeting, mainly the questions about improving algorithms underlying in the BiqBin solver have been addressed. The team members also reported about recent activities and introduced the work that has been done since the previous meeting.

Photo: Borut

Publication of the algorithm EXPEDIS

6. 1. 2020, Nicolo G. , Source: paper on arXiv

Submission of the paper "EXPEDIS: An Exact Penalty Method over Discrete Sets"

Angelika Wiegele and Nicolo Gusmeroli published the paper: "EXPEDIS: An Exact Penalty Method over Discrete Sets", explaining the details of an algorithm for solving binary quadratic problems subject to equality constraints.

The preprint is available on arXiv:

BiqBin at SOR '19

9. 10. 2019, Nicolo G.

Some members of the Slovene and Austrian Team attended the 15th International Symposium on Operations Research in Slovenia.

Nicolo Gusmeroli, Timotej Hrga and Janez Povh met in Bled for the SOR '19. Timotej and Nicolo gave presentations, while Janez organized the session "High-Performance Computing and Big Data".

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