ICCOPT 2019 in Berlin

8. 8. 2019, Angelika Wiegele

Members of the Slovene and Austrian Team attended the Sixth International Conference on Continuous Optimization in Berlin.

Timotej Hrga, Janez Povh, Franz Rendl and Angelika took part in ICCOPT in Berlin in August 2019. Presentations have been given by Timotej, Janez and Angelika. Moreover, Janez and Angelika organized sessions.

Janez, Angelika, Timotej at ICCOPT 2019
Photo: Janez Povh

3rd Klagenfurt-Ljubljana OR Workshop

19. 6. 2019, Nicolo G.

The BiqBin team met in Ljubljana at the 3rd Klagenfurt-Ljubljana OR Workshop. The recent developments were presented and the organization for the next months was done.

In the workshop, the main topics covered:
- new implementation of the website,
- improvements of the exact penalty method,
- bounding and parallelization,
- status of the code.

Then, the plans for the next months were made.
Overall the members are very satisfied about the project and look forward to publish the results in high-quality journals and conferences.

Some of the members in Ljubljana

BiqBin at Oberwolfach

11. 6. 2019, Nicolo Gusmeroli

The Austrian part of the BiqBin project participated at a workshop in Oberwolfach.

The renowned Mathematisches Forschungsinstitut Oberwolfach has been the location of the workshop "Mixed-integer Nonlinear Optimization: a hatchery for modern mathematics". All the Austrian members of the BiqBin project attended this very interesting workshop.

The group from Klagenfurt at MFO
Photo: Etienne De Klerk

BiqBin at IPCO

24. 5. 2019, Elisabeth Gaar

Nicolo Gusmeroli and Elisabeth Gaar presented their work at IPCO.

Two researchers of the BiqBin project presented their work at IPCO (Integer Programming and Combinatorial Optimization) 2019 in Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA.

Nicolo Gusmeroli presented in the poster session. The poster rose a lot of interest and Nicolo answered a lot of questions.

The paper "A Bundle Approach for SDPs with Exact Subgraph Constraints" by Elisabeth Gaar and Franz Rendl was accepted at the highly competitive conference IPCO and therefore Elisabeth Gaar gave a talk. As a next step the results of the paper will be included into BiqBin.

Nicolo Gusmeroli and Elisabeth Gaar with Nicolo's poster.